Marcela Lombana Holierhoek

Bilingual Psychologist and Therapist
  • BA in Psychology, emphasis in Systemic Clinical Psychology. Javeriana University, Colombia (1991 – 1995)
  • MSc (Master of Social Sciences) with distinction in Systemic Leadership and Organizational Studies, Bedfordshire University-KCC Foundation, UK. (1996 – 1998)
  • Certified Pranic Psychotherapist and Associate Pranic Healing, Institute of Inner Studies Philippines (2011)
  • Summer School, Innovation for a Sustainable Future, Utrecht University, Holanda (2012).

My story

My professional and personal experience has allowed me to immerse myself into diverse cultures, within different places and continents. This has provided me with the unique opportunity to experience first-hand the different challenges expats an immigrants undergo. I have also been able to gain a deep understanding of the multiple realities that foreign couples / expats, intercultural or mixed couples, and immigrants, both intercultural and interracial families, go through. In fact, I am part of an intercultural family and couple relationship (a Colombian-Dutch family), in which I am the mother of two children.

My professional training, together with my interest and constant research on systemic psycho-therapy, systemic coaching and healing from the perspective of the integrative medicine, allow me to have valuable tools to work with, as a bilingual psychologist or psychotherapist (Spanish and English) within my private practice, and to do coaching within the organizational field.


Due to my life experiences abroad, I have an advanced and fluent level of English and a very good level of Dutch.

I also accompany and coach organizations. I consider them systems or spaces where it is possible to integrate the Doing (work) with the Being (personal potential), in order to foster productivity, well-being and growth, for both the staff member(s) and the organization as a whole.