What is important for you to know?

  • It is aimed at children, adolescents, young adults and adults.
  • Through Energetic Healing, those forms of energy that generate ill-being are cleaned and eliminated and, at the same time, it re-energizes and harmonizes your state of well-being. Helping to promote healing, empowering thoughts, emotions and behaviors that will benefit you in an integral way: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and relational

What is integrated energy healing?

  • Energy Techniques based on her training as a Pranic Associate Healer of the Institute of Inner Studies, Philippines.
  • Flora Essences therapy, which as the WHO (World Health Organization) recognizes in its book Tradional Medicine and Health Care, published in 1986, have a therapeutic and healing use.
  • Mindfulness techniques, which facilitate self-healing, awareness and inner peace.