What is important for you to know?

  • It is aimed at children, adolescents, young adults and adults..
  • It can be carried out in Spanish and English.
  • It can be carried out  in-person sessions/meetings or online sessions.

We accompany you to:

Personal Well-Being

  • Increasing the Level of Satisfaction in Your Life.
  • Developing or Improving Concrete Skills (Socio-Affective, Relational, Communicative skills, amongst others)
  • Understanding and Handling Crises or Strong Changes.
  • Re-constructing or Creating the Meaning of your Life.
  • Working on Your Self-esteem and Empowerment.
  • Regulating Your Emotions.
  • Taking Decisions (living as a couple or living alone, getting married or divorced, creating a family, having a baby, immigrating, choosing a professional career / job, amongst others)


  • Coping with grief (loss of a beloved one, end of a relationship , the loss of a job, having left your place / country of residence, amongst others).
  • Accepting, Forgiving and Releasing.

Mental Health

  • Understanding and Transforming Fears
  • Healing Phobias.
  • Managing and Reducing Stress and Anxiety
  • Overcoming Depression.

Professional Carrier & Work Issues

  • Increasing your level of personal satisfaction by means of creating or finding a connection between your Being, Who you are, and your Doing at work..
  •  Increasing your Self Confidence and your Self-Steem to succeed in what you do
  • Managing and Reducing Work Stress.
  • Healing and Recovering from Burn Out.
  • Developing or Improving Specific Skills (Leadership, Teamwork, Assertiveness, amongst others).